Import additional metrics into
Google Analytics!

Wouldn't be nice to have Facebook Page Fans stats in Google Analytics? Tired of checking your KPIs on different sites? Do you love Google Analytics as much as we do? Let's give MoreMetrics a try.

Import new metrics now!

We support the following sources (more to come...)

How it works

Once a day we collect your data (for example the number of fans of your Facebook page) and send them to Google Analytics via Measurement Protocol as events.
This also means that you need your account upgraded to Universal Analytics.


Because we do love Google Analytics and thought it would have been nice to have additional metrics there instead of jumping from site to site to check KPIs. The goal is to build a Geckoboard,, Ducksboard, etc within GA.


Google Analytics is (C) by and TM of Google, we are in no way connected to Google, we are just fans of GA. However, Larry, if you like to acquire us you're more than welcome!